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Character Interview- Levi- Lightning Strike- Beverly Ovalle

1.     Levi, are you upset your name is not in the title? 

No of course not. I know who I am and I don’t need a title to announce it.

2.     Is your love interest the way you pictured her? Or would you have preferred someone with a different hair color? 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I’ve learned that from my travels around the world. I capture beauty in tragedy, in ugliness and in God’s creations around the world.

3.     Do you have any annoying habits your author did not share with us in your book? 

I still have trouble living indoors. I jump when cars backfire. I prefer not to participate in fireworks. Too many load noises make me feel like I’m back in Iraq. Oh, I’ve been told I snore!
4.     Any hobbies we might be interested in knowing about? 

Besides my photography? Well, I suppose that isn’t really a hobby. It has provided quite well for me. I’ve always been fascinated with mythological creatures. Now more than ever. *winks*

5.     Are you happy with the profession your author chose for you or would you rather be working at something totally different and why? 

Oh no. If I hadn’t had my PTSD from the Army, and used photography to escape. (Yes I admit it.) I wouldn’t have been here to meet Daphnaie.

6.     Would you like to be taller, blonder, thinner or smarter than you have been portrayed? 

Smarter, definitely. I would like to be able to stop my grandmother without involving Daphnaie

7.     Are you planning to make an appearance in a sequel? If not are you unhappy about that? 

I’m planning on it. Whether or not my author sends it in is another story. At least I know my cousin who is a forest ranger is smarter than me! He has a plan to stop my grandmother. And you won’t believe why she has such a hate on for this place!

8.     Now for a personal question. Is there enough sex in the book for you? Would you have liked more? 

Oh my god! Any more sex and I think it would have killed me. You do realize that my Daphnaie needs sex to heal her tree, right? Nonstop, any which way you can sex! I do my best to keep up. Thank goodness we had a little help! *grins*

9.     Did you author handle your “love” scenes the way you like or was she too explicit or not explicit enough? 

Sorry, I was too busy having sex to pay attention. Outdoor where god and everyone could watch.

10.  Are you happy with the setting? Did you want a bigger house or car? 

LOL. House, Car? I was camping. No tent as I need to see the sky.

11.  How many re-writes did you have to live through? Ten? 

All the beta reads and edits and even before that. My author had a little trouble getting through some of the sex scenes. I like to think it was envy. *winks*

12.  Did your story end too soon? 

It ended with me able to keep Daphnaie, but didn’t feel like an ending to me, more of a beginning of a fantastic life.

13.  Who was your favorite supporting character? 

Definitely the support I got from the wind nymphs. I was about burnt out at that point. I thought.

14.  Do you want your story to become a series with you as a recurring character? 

I think one more should do it. I just want Grandma stopped. I love her, but she’s rabid about destroying this glen, the whole property really. But it’s Daphnaie’s home and she’s not the only one that would die if my grandmother succeeds.
15.  Were you happy with your wardrobe? 

It was clothes. *shrugs* What can I say? I was very happy with Daphnaie’s clothes, or rather the lack there of.

Intrigued? Meet Levi and Daphnaie in Lightning Strike.
For generations Levi’s family had guarded a sacred glen in the mountains.  Still far from man this isolated area was a favorite spot of his grandfather.  Levi grew up listening to his tales and fell in love without ever having stepped foot there.
Now Levi’s family, led by his grandmother, wanted to sell the land.  With only his grandfather and Levi against it, Levi has to prove to the rest of the family why they needed to continue their guardianship.  Believing in his grandfather’s tales despite himself, Levi went armed with his camera and his well-known expertise behind the lens and headed out for proof. 
Providing that proof and protecting the secrets of the glen from the world, Gaia needs to convince Levi to continue that protection.  Daphnaie, the embodiment of his every dream, is sent to show him why, stealing his heart in the process to save her world.
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Author bio:

Beverly Ovalle lives in Wisconsin with her husband Edmond of 24 years and two Chinese Water Dragons. Having her own Dragons is expected as she is dragon crazy and anyone that walks in her house can tell. Her son Nicholas visits when he is on leave from the Marines.  Her daughter Susannah visits from time to time to make sure us ‘old’ folks are alive and kicking.

Beverly has traveled around the world thanks to five years in the US Navy and has worked for the government in one capacity or another for the past 30 years. Beverly and her brothers have travelled most of the continental United States as children due to the station wagon from Hell.  Still active with veterans, she is adjutant for her local AMVETS.

Beverly has been reading romances since her Aunt introduced her to the gothic romance in the fourth grade and is still reading every chance she gets.

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